Local Calling

Want to personalize your local telephone service even more? Lease custom calling features to go along with our unlimited local calling. Some convenient SGO features available to you include:


Caller ID

Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Three-Way Calling

Speed Calling

Automatic Recall

Automatic Call Back

Anonymous Call Rejection

Per Line/Per Call Blocking

Call Forward Busy/No Answer/Remote Access

Selective Call Forward/Rejection/Acceptance

We also provide the following additional services in support of our unlimited local calling plans:

Collect Calling Opt-Out

Telephone Directory Listings

Lifeline (for qualified customers)

Seneca Telephone Company Calling Prefixes: 666 | 775 | 776 | 985
Goodman Telephone Company Calling Prefixes: 364 | 436
Ozark Telephone Company Calling Prefixes: 475 | 762 | 822 | 854