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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is SGO Video & Internet?
A: SGO Video & Internet is digital television and high-speed Internet brought to you through your telephone line. With SGO Video, you can watch television, surf the Internet, and talk on the telephone all at the same time.

Q: Can I make payments on my installation fees or have them billed to me?
A: Installation fees are due with application. Applications will not be processed without a full payment.
Q: Do I have to be home for the installation?
A: A homeowner must be present during the entire installation.
Q: What happens if I need to cancel my installation appointment?
A: We require 24-hour cancellation notice for all missed appointments. If you do not notify us within the required time frame and have to miss your appointment, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.
Q: How do I know if my computer is capable of running the ADSL Internet service?
A: Your computer must have an Ethernet card in order to use ADSL Internet. You may experience problems trying to run ADSL on a computer that is using Windows 98 First Edition or any other system prior to Windows 98. For best results, upgrade your computer.
Q: Will the technicians program my computer at the time of installation?
A: SGO installers are not certified computer technicians. They will get a signal to the ADSL modem and then show you where to plug the modem into your computer, but will not change your settings. For computer assistance, contact Technical Support at 417-776-5500. If you are still having problems with your computer, contact your computer manufacturer for additional technical support.
Q: Will the technicians program my DVD/VCR/Home Theater components?
A: SGO technicians may have to unhook a component that is currently connected to your television in order to ensure that your digital service is operational at the time of installation. They will leave the set-top box connected to your television when installation is complete. The set-top boxes come with an instruction booklet which contains information on how to set up your home entertainment components. Please refer to this booklet, found in the packaging for the set-top box,to decide which set-up would best suit your needs. SGO is not responsible for setting up or maintaining any customer-owned equipment.
Q: What if I have problems with my television service?
A: Please check all connections to ensure that everything is fastened tightly. If problems persist, please take note of exactly what is occurring (pixels, black screen, snowy picture, etc.) and what time it occurred. Then, contact SGO technicians at 417-776-5500, option 2. Digital television service is dependent upon settings specific to each location. These settings may need multiple adjustments after installation before your television service will run uninterrupted and clear. Please continue to report any problems you may experience, so that SGO can ensure you have the correct technical settings for optimum service. We appreciate your patience and cooperation while we make our best effort to provide you with the highest quality service available to you.

For remote control problems, please confirm the batteries are good and that they are installed correctly. To program your remote control for use with your television, please refer to the instruction sheet provided to you at installation. Please be aware that not all televisions will synchronize with your remote control. If you have completed the programming steps provided on the instruction sheet and your remote control will not control your television, please continue to use the remote control that belongs to your television set.
Q: What if I signed up for a package and wanted voicemail and long-distance, but they aren’t working?
A: Neither option will be added until the date of your television and/or Internet installation. If your services are not working by 5:00 pm on the date of installation, please call your local telephone company to have those services programmed.
Q: What if I have problems with my Internet service?
A: Please verify that all connections are secure to the modem, the computer, and to the phone jack. You may need to unplug each connection and plug it directly back in to ensure that it is securely fastened. Try to bypass any additional equipment, such as a filter, surge protector, or router, by plugging your modem directly into the phone jack and then to the computer with the Ethernet cable. Please verify that your computer is plugged into Port #1 on your modem, which is the only port on your modem configured for usage with the Internet. If the problem persists, please call technical support at 417-776-5500, option 2.
Q: What if I am not satisfied with my service and want to cancel?
A: You will be responsible for paying for the installation fees and the first 30 days of service regardless of whether or not you decide to keep it. You will also be responsible for any monthly charges that have accrued should you decide to cancel after the first 30 days of service.
Q: If I cancel my service, what do I do with the equipment?
A: You are responsible for returning your equipment to the central office in Seneca, MO. Upon disconnection, your account will be charged for unreturned equipment at the following rates:
$150 for unreturned modems
$250 for each unreturned set-top box
$400 for each unreturned DVR set-top box
$10 for each unreturned remote control
$10 for the connection cables provided with your equipment.
$40 for each unreturned UPS box.

If you return the equipment, charges may be removed from your account at that time if all equipment is functional and undamaged in any way. All outstanding balances, including equipment charges, must be paid before you will be permitted to re-establish telephone, television, or Internet service with Seneca, Goodman, and Ozark Telephone Companies, and/or SGO Video & Internet.
Q: Is there a penalty if I am temporarily suspended for non-payment?
A: If your account is suspended due to non-payment, there is a charge of $25 each to restore the ADSL and the Digital Television. The reconnection fee must be paid in advance before service will be restored.
Q: If I move, is there a charge to move my DSL or Video service?
A: Yes. There is a $25 charge to move the DSL and a $50 charge to move the first television outlet, with a $25 charge for each additional television outlet.
Q: What happens to my security deposit after I cancel my services?
A: The security deposit will be refunded when all equipment and connection cables are returned undamaged and your bill is paid in full.
Q: What does the Video Protection Plan cover?
A: You always have the responsibility to protect the modem and set-top-box(es) provided to you by SGO Video from damage of all types. In the event that this equipment is damaged in any way, whether due to customer negligence or any other cause, you will be charged for the replacement of that equipment unless you accept the Video Protection Plan. (Although surge protectors do prevent some lightning damage, the most effective way to ensure that your equipment does not take lightning damage is to unplug it from both the power outlet AND THE TELEPHONE LINE. The presence of a surge protector will not exempt you from being charged for lightning-damaged equipment if you opt out of the protection plan.)