SGO Broadband lets you talk on the phone, watch television, and surf the Internet all at the same time.

Our Broadband service means you’ll experience the Internet at high speed. No more waiting for pages to load. No more dropped connections while playing online games, downloading large documents, or sharing files.

SGO provides Broadband Internet service to our telephone customers.A technician will check the line and determine what speed is available to the customer depending on the the distance from SGO Central Office.

Pricing Effective July 1st, 2015

$75.95/ mo.
Downloads up to 20 Mbs
$65.95/ mo.
Downloads up to 15 Mbs
$55.95/ mo.
Downloads up to 10 Mbs
$45.95/ mo.
Downloads up to 5 Mbs

Uploads up to 1Mbs


VDSL is available upon request, but is subject to location availability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is Broadband and High Speed ready. Any customer purchasing Broadband only, without the Digital TV service, will be required to purchase a modem and filters. SGO has modem/router combinations available for purchase. Some modem types may not be compatible with the Broadband system. SGO CANNOT come into your home to run wiring, install your modem, or otherwise assist you in setting up your Broadband service. SGO cannot guarantee a reliable signal when CAT5 cable is not in use.

There is a $25 activation fee.

24/7 Technical Support : 913-859-8106